January 29, 2022


Project of per-pixel advert (modern version of legendary milliondollarhomepage.com project) for projects close to the subject of blockchain, crypto-currency, ICO (TGE, Token Sale) and crypto-exchangers.

Hello community!

We just launched a new project of per-pixel banners https://IcoPixels.io (modern version of legendary milliondollarhomepage.com project) for projects close to the subject of blockchain, web 3.0, crypto-currency, ICO (TGE, Token Sale) and crypto-exchangers.

And we would like to invite you to check it https://icopixels.io and place banner with your project there.

Video: https://vimeo.com/270998349

Website: https://icopixels.io


Canvas structure:

Some info about project:

Project was created by two crypto-enthusiasts, who sincere believe in the future of the crypto-currency industry, in the development of new projects through the practice of ICO (TGE, Token sale) and hope to influence the development and popularization of these projects and the crypto industry as a whole.

IcoPixels.io is created with the goal: to introduce the world about interesting and promising projects and draw attention to them of wide audience.

The domain name ICOPixels.io for now is registered for 5 years, and will be prolongated in future.

Created on 2018-05-03 Expires on 2024-05-03 Updated on 2018-07-03 Placed banners on ICOPixels.io will be there permanently and forever. You are able to palce your banner with extended information about your project up to 30x30 pixels for free. Just add description of your project (up 500 characters), logo (50x50px), link to your project's website and link to the tokensale page, links to contacts on facebook, twitter, telegram and youtube. Additionaly your project (name and link) will be added to Cloud and in our Telegram channel.

First 25% of pixel map will be available for free for banners from 10x10 px up to 30x30 px. (For banners bigger than 30x30 pixels 50% discount will be available). For next 25% of pixel map will be avaiable 50% discount of total price for all banner sizes. (Like 1 px = 0.5 USD, no free pixels). From 50% up to 100% of pixel map price will be 1 px per 1 USD.

Minimal banner size: 10x10 pixels (due to aligned pixels step).

Maximum size of image: 2 Mb. Accepted image formats: png, jpg, jpeg, static gif (animated banners on pixel map are prohebited). Accepted cryptocurrencies to pay for pixels: Bitcoin, Ethereum. Total pixels on map: 1120х900 = 1 008 000 px.

Extended information for pixels:

Banner 10х10 pixels - no tool tip, link to the project's website on click in a new window Banner 30х30 pixels - tool tip with project name and link to the project's website on mouse move Banner with resolution more than 30x30 pixels - tool tip with project's name, project's logo, project's description, link to the project's website and ico page, links to contacts: facebook, twitter, telegram, youtube on mouse move


Before placement on pixels map, all added banners will be manually moderated in case of the project's direction and it's legitimity. We are not responsible for the content of external sites. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

Technical info:

IcoPixels project was coded on PHP with Laravel Framework and some tricky js libs. IcoPixels's communications with BTC\ETH blockchains operate via RPC on local demons. If IcoPixels project is interesting for the community we will upload the source code on github later.

Join us via telegram: public discussion group - https://t.me/icopixels_discuss channel with information about projects - https://t.me/icopixels

ICOPixels is a smart way to show your project to people from crypto audience.